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Dale King
Events System Development Manager
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Why do you attend conference every year?

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC) makes a point of attending each year to meet directly with Ungerboeck staff and developers as well as colleagues from other sites. We find value in learning new ideas; how new capabilities are being implemented and by having a number of BCEC staff attend this improves the Centre's knowledge and use of our core business system across the venue.

What are the main advantages to you personally?

Learning other capabilities of the software, hear Ungerboeck’s plans for the product into the future as well as maintaining connections with Ungerboeck staff and colleagues from other venues.

What are the main advantages to the organisation?

To increase knowledge and utilisation of our core business system as well as raising the Centre’s overall profile.

How do you approach registration (i.e. selecting who will attend)?

We have a strategy behind sending multiple BCEC staff to the Conference each year. This strategy is to have a representative from each of BCEC’s main areas – Systems, IT, Finance, Sales/Event Planning and Operations. This allows us to have attendance at relevant concurrent sessions as well as being able to communicate important issues for us across a number of conference streams.

By having several of our staff attend the conference this improves the responsibility, inclusivity and involvement in developing the use of the software across our organisation. This means the Centre's understanding and use of Ungerboeck Software is not confined to just one person but over time more and more people across BCEC.

How do you disseminate that information back to your organisation?

Information is shared back to BCEC staff via User Group meetings, documentation and as mentioned above one of reasons we have 5 staff representing those “main areas” attending. This encourages and allows the sharing of updated information from the conference.

As our General Manager is very competent and involved in the use of the software more strategic or critical requirements will be communicated by him as this automatically places a level of importance and commitment to the topic.

What activities are put in place to make sure you're utilising the knowledge gained throughout the conference?

Besides the internal user group meetings, we also conduct short (1 hour) education/training sessions throughout the year. To provide availability options, these are run a few times as well as at different times for each topic so all interested staff have an opportunity to attend.


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  • 28 - 29 MAY: Asia-Pacific Conference
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